Every word
Every action
Every little part in and around is silenced and hushed out
When all that we wanted to give out and get back is love!
More than that is an endless try…
Yes to understand!
The first thing when the sun dawns and the last thought before the heavy eye lids stroll to sleep,
For Understanding stands tall and that is what called Love
May be never you know what all it took for the one you love to make this!
Having either felt most of the warmth of heat or the one getting burnt, for in the fiery flames once atleast will you at any time know understanding is Love
Being that is Love! Yes, to understand!

With each beat!

Eternal thudding within,
Pounding heart reckless,
With each beat the spookiness wavering,
Slowly accustoming the strings of my soul in tune with the sinking thuds,
Wierd and diverse, hit the waves,
Bouncing back and forth, reckoning those darkest fears and the deepest wounds.
Hardly you’ll see thorough me.
Nevertheless, over the years got the woman I’ve built and hushed over the vulnerable little kid is all set now to give a heads up, fake a smile and move ahead!
Once feeble to a resolved feminine it all takes this moment of courage!
With the flow I move, this time with all the dare I could in a wink, possibly take with me!!

Broken wings!

The birds of my sky have broken wings today
May be that’s what they think
Weighed outta having been through the wildest storms
Drenched in those thunderous rains and having flown all the way through the dusty clouds
Aloof many a times
Estranged from the crew some while
The so thought broken wings kept fluttering all the way
But never they stop
For they knew if little do they rest the wings shouldn’t clung forever
For they never had a choice nor they made any to halt
With dreams to fly higher and higher
They kept on flying
The seasons change and so the nature of wings
Not broken may be but felt though
For any broken wings are amendable in nature’s time
The birds saw the unsaid healer of all the time, yes, time healing their so thought broken wings.. Yes, woven now into the ardent wings!
The birds of my sky to fly through anything that comes their way!!

Lights guide me home!

Somewhere somehow I knew as always
Lights guide me home..
Self satiable is all I need to see it!
Many uplifts and downfalls though
Yeah, as Life is supposed to be,
Only then what we define it to be thrilling!!
To anticipate the unprecedented is the way it works!
Strolling into the journey
I find the deepest of seas,
The darkest of tunnels,
Yet somewhere do I know the lights of hope
Always do guide me home!
A very stint of spark or as the many million rays of the Sun..
To always pave way it’s there,
Exactly waiting at the perfect time
For me to pick it up and embrace its awesomeness
Ready for to guide me home!!
Yes the rays of hope with fingers crossed is how it asks to see all that’s awaiting me!

3AM Musings

3AM in the early morning or late into the night anyway as you call it..
Thudding and dripping off the leaflets and paving its way down the soil,
The sound of water droplets from my window hitting on the ferns out
Evoking its kinda aroma, the petrichor, so deep I try to inhale to take in the maximum outta this nature’s fragrance!
Not wanting to miss a breath, so purely alluding its presence…
With my steamy hot cup of coffee in hand,
I do stare into the darkness,yes voluntarily lost, so willingly giving into the eternal silence of the moment with only the rhythmic tune of the drizzles out to take control of this time!
Yeah here do I have my unread 200 pages of the book,
So decisive of taking the bliss outta reading into this night!
Completely rendering this moment all the credit it owns of its kind, holding its enigma high..
So alluring the air, cold and frosty, not only soothes my morning face but also did it took that kept me awake!
Hushes the soul to look beyond what my human eyes could see, the very minute details that entails and sumps up on to the beautiful hours of this one everlasting night
For one who found the pleasure of writing the heart out this time wants nothing more but just to pause this instance and reliving the same forever and ever more!!

Stars are awake, so am I!

Stars are awake, so am I.

Into the darkness, its the best time to sit back and be still,

To wish not to give a thought about anything at all,

More into that silence, thoughts i wisely withered out at the day, hardly escapes me now.

Hunched down i stay for those turbulence inside, pretended that they never bothered, to pass by..

Yes, it had to pass by now, for the stars are awake, so am I.!

All that’s weighing down,

What I could’ve done this or that way,

About what’s to be made better,

Amidst many could’ve, should’ve, want and wills ….

Let all that’s coming crashing down subside now in the silence of this time, when the stars are awake, so deep yet tranquil!

Still and subtle the moonlight is, for silence to speak more louder in its delight, for only those who’ve known embracing it.

Yes, the stars are awake, so am I!

Wandering into the night, wishing forever to always be lost in the skies black yonder,

As one among those stars, because they are awake…

Yes, the stars are awake, so am I!!