All the way through the less bustled roads of this green covered route,
Glad to have found this wind caressed vacant seat next to a window,
Starring those chunky clouds on a to be clearer sky,
Across this site so prejudiced to be developed yet,

A couple of little girls, putting all that stamina one could give that age, too tiny the one in front to rest her foot to stop the wheels of her bicycle,
The even younger holding possible count of water pots at the back seat,
Unlike fellow kids in so called, the developed hubs, would rather be in their comfort zones.

Not too old to be called an young boy, take up all charge, swinging his toddler sister’s cradle to and fro,
Unlike the tantrums of sharing toys with siblings.

Sooner then are an ample women riders commuting on their wheels to work, Competing to the happening metros.

If this habitat is what we presume to thrive yet, inspite of the so vibrant self reliant children and women,
For each steps do matter,
Don’t we see the change is already happening over!?


You aren’t now what you’re anytime mumbling yourself about all your yesterdays,
Neither the dreams you envision of all your tomorrows.
Flaws don’t finalize you, neither success does!
All you’ve got is, buddy this day, yea, now who you are?!
Where are your thoughts strolling?
Your intentions heading?
Yes, all we gotta get around is to live a little more this day!
You indefinable!
Leaving apart all gone dusk and dawn, yes those yet to come too, for a braver, ofcourse a positive today!!
To do is to live some more today!

Silence I Adore!

Silence I adore
Magic it instills in the calmness
Full of unfound mysteries laying there so profound to be touched,
Yea, crumbled inside are many voices to be heard & adored,
To be felt and swayed into it needs just again some silence in place,
Silence is meaningful as they say,
Full of peace and value I swear,
Except for where it has to be overruled signifying justice!
Silence I adore!

Virtuality & Venerations!

Isn’t it to live in the virtual world, the trend!?
To connect through messages,
To share concern over so called social media,
To throw our perception over comments,
Yes, this platform, the New Norm!

Shopping made easier,
Business made accessible,
Talents spread across at a fingers touch!
Products vibrant, choices diverse!

But from when it became a parameter to assess relationship success all through how much we post and wish our loved ones on this very virtual platform?

To show a perfect life portrait all through our posts and profiles we build here!?

Judged by pictures of our profile,
Appreciated for the perfectly made up smiles,
Proud for the success widely accepted here ,
Taking content in zero negativity!
Reality obscured, oblivious that stride taking is a true divergence!

Isn’t Reality all that priceless time in hand to spare your loved ones with?

Isn’t it waiting at the dine on a date night over posting what you had for dinner?

Isn’t it admiring souls even in clumsy pyjamas, than in any extravaganza!

Moreover sharing comforts and discomforts,
Getting one’s back when needed post a mad fight,
Communicating even in awkward silence,
Giving those amiable relations all space and time to bloom in reality that it makes one forget to prove strangers in virtual platforms your worth isn’t the day when we’ve conquered ourselves ?

When business and goodies come in handy here
Any undaunted relation I believe is nurtured across time by being present in reality!

– Trailblazer Diction

Green yonder

Into the corn field stocks and banana plantations is the invincible green yonder,
Too scenic for a homo sapiens’ eye to capture all its essence in a sight… So here I froze few in snaps, glad to have taken some part of this view to hold on and gaze!


The simmering deep,
What you’ll never guess!
And that I better choose stashing within,
Having mastered now for ages!
As the words lay hanging in there on the walls of my fortress,
And those brewing up from the deepest outgrowing roots of me,
Flow crawling down the scrambled words on this torn out paper summing up the worn outs as I ink them now,
So does surges out the Mystery I hold for myself!
Penning down them, they’ll call it Poetry!
Fostering the insane bond with that inked paper and pen,
I know bursting into words is the only way to keep up my sanity!